Andrew K. T.
I'm a senior at the University of California at San Diego, majoring in computer science.
I'm passionate about computer vision, computer graphics, systems programming and compiler and language design.
In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, hiking, reading and making games.
dota2_nn (Torch, Golang)
Reverse-engineering several previously unexplored aspects of the Dota 2 replay format, and using data mined from them to train supervised machine learning models to play the game.
mat105 (JavaScript)
An interactive CGI museum exhibit exploring the art and history of the Atelier Populaire, a student-run design cabal that produced propaganda posters during the May 1968 general strike in France.
soundcaption (PyTorch)
Conditionally generating text descriptions of short sound effects using GPT-2 and "pseudo-self attention" as shown in Ziegler et al. (2019).
shader_demos (GLSL)
A collection of pixel shaders made for creative game projects, or for self-teaching various computer graphics concepts.
ps1-demos (C)
An experiment in mixing low-level software rendering with the original PlayStation's normal hardware-accelerated rendering to achieve more advanced effects.
petscop_translator (Golang)
A particular "puzzle solver" for fuzzily matching strings of phonemes to possible words from the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary using a BK tree.
nand2tetris (Java)
A more human friendly assembler, IL compiler and standard library for learning hardware design with the Nand2Tetris toy computer.